Fund Raising concerts in Odense Cathedral

Posted by International Inner Wheel | Apr 24, 2019 |

In 1985 some enterprising members in Odense Inner Wheel Club got the excellent idea to raise money for humanitarian projects by arranging a Christmas concert in Odense Cathedral. At that time Rotary in Denmark focused on a water project in Sri Lanka, and we decided to join and support that project.

The concert was a success and was repeated, and the following two years money was donated to the Rotary Polio Plus program.  Subsequently, every year a donation to a humanitarian project or a project for research into diseases has been donated.

The concerts are held every year as a church concert and always with a soprano, a baritone, a trumpet player, an organist, and a choir, and the entire profit from the concerts is donated. It has become a wonderful tradition to start the Christmas season by attending the concert.  

Today, the “concert committee” is represented by

  • Odense Inner Wheel Club,
  • Odense Sct. Knud Inner Wheel Club,
  • 5 Rotary clubs in Odense, and
  • Odense Sct. Alban Rotaract Club.


Each year the committee votes on which project they want to support and everyone works together on the practical arrangement in the church. 

The latest donation was awarded in January 2019 at a joint meeting in Odense Inner Wheel Club, where the president Neel Buur from Odense Sct. Knud Inner Wheel Club presented donations to the new “veteran home” in Odense and to the “sorrow group for children and young people” in Odense.

We are very proud that the total donations are DKK 2,177,600 equivalent to about 250.000£.

Birgit Jelstrup, Odense Inner Wheel Club, Denmark

Photograph: Steen Møller from “Veteranhjem” Odense, the president Neel Buur, and Ann Roiy Delman from “Sorggruppen for Børn og Unge”, Odense