Visit to three IWC Jordanian Projects

Posted by International Inner Wheel | Apr 16, 2019 |

Mrs. Dina Ghorab, Chairman of D95 Egypt and Jordan, official visit to three IWCs in Jordan, (Amman, Philadelphia and Petra), to visit, follow up their projects and activities for the year 2018-2019.

This visit was accompanied by D95 board members, Presidents and delegate members from IWCs of Egypt from March 7th, till March 10th, 2019.




Mrs. Susan Al-Tayeh VDC95 began her words by welcoming the Chairman and IW members. 

DNR Mrs. Iman Al-Bashari gave a speech on behalf of NR Mrs. Laila Al Aswad. Mrs. Dina started her speech by thanking the Jordanian members for their great hospitality and welcome. She then highlighted the most important points that help to achieve the goals and focused on the aim of this year's theme "Empower and Evolve" and the IIW Project "Care for Women and Girls". She stressed upon the need to apply the IIW Constitution and replied all questions raised by members.


 The three IWPCs of Jordan presented their activities and projects they have undertaken this year.

 As part of the IWC of Amman project this year is to support blind girls, an art exhibition by the blind girls by using "the scent of colour" .

The artist, Suheil Bqain, who initiated the project, talked about his project which was supported by our club. 

 CD95 visited "DER ELARADY ELMOKADASA" for the deaf, dumb, blind and disabled children, a great humanitarian project supported by the IWC of Philadelphia with the latest advanced equipment.






IWC of Petra participated to activate the IIW theme "Empower and Evolve", in collaboration with Princess Taghreed Foundation for Development and Training. This is to provide employment opportunities for women and includes many projects such as sheep skin yarn and its preparation for manufacturing various products and supplying the centre with machines.  

Sewing, tailoring and using natural resources such as straw and wicker, manufacturing and selling them to ensure a decent life for the family. The products impressed everyone and inspected the ways of manufacturing and encouraged the ladies and girls who were happy to be with them. 

D95 Egypt and Jordan had the honour to meet with Princess Majida Raad who welcomed all D95 IW members and the Egyptian ambassador's wife to Jordan.


Hanaa el Sadat


D95 Egypt and Jordan