IWCSS, IWC Madras & Kilpauk Medical Alumni

Posted by | Mar 20, 2019 |

International Project by IWC Subang, Selangor, District 330 Malaysia.

In line with Inner Wheel ‘s objectives to provide funding for projects that bring about change, IWCSS embarked on a collaboration with Inner Wheel Madras Central and Kilpauk Medical Alumni to build toilets for five families in a little and upcoming village called Namashivayapuram located an hour and a half away from bustling Chennai.

The idea was to support a greater vision and initiative to change the mind-set of villagers to increase their awareness of the benefits of sanitation and the importance of providing the younger generation with the right attitudes towards a civilized society. 

A toilet built for the school would have given access to the students during school hours, but when the concept is extended to building one for the families, even more members not only benefit but also can appreciate the advantages to all of hygienic living.

To participate in a project that focused on progress and development at grass root level was an opportunity that IWCSs could not overlook. The Kilpauk Medical Alumni introduced to us by our sister club Madras Central had a sustainable model when they decided to do this for several villages in the state of Tamilnadu.

Eight members from IWCSS made the trip to India to not just meet members of our sister club Madras Central and a representative of Kilpauk Medical Alumni but to travel to the village and see the project take shape. The fellowship that followed the visit has established close connections with the people who made this possible for us. We look forward to identifying and supporting more projects overseas that reflect change and are sustainable.