Network for Families - Ravensburg D86

Posted by International Inner Wheel | Mar 19, 2019 |

There are families who have harder times than others. And the 45 members of the Inner Wheel Club Ravensburg (Germany) are very concerned about the welfare of these children and the normally most affected mothers. So their support this year was for the “Network for Families” in the region. 

Three services of the “Foundation Liebenau” build a network around those families: “wellcome” supports mothers of newborns in the first year of life, because even in rural areas there are often no grandparents to help nearby. “Aftercare for children” assists families with seriously ill children after being discharged from the hospital. At home the parents “fall into a deep well” of insecurity and worry. Home visits by voluntary helpers, assisted by nurses, a doctor and a psychologist, give security in the new everyday life. “Amalie” cares for siblings and parents of critically ill children and accompanies them till after the death of the child. The three services depend on donations, for example for training and support of voluntary helpers. 

The donations were obtained through the traditional Christmas coffeehouse, where the inner wheel members presented their homemade cakes, which find every year more friends, some even coming the long way from Switzerland over Lake Constance.


Dr. Gabriele Runge - D86