IWC Prelog hosts Social Welfare discussion

Posted by International Inner Wheel | Mar 11, 2019 |

On February 27, 2019 the Inner Wheel Club Prelog D191 Croatia organized a panel discussion “Foster care and other social rights under the Act of Social Welfare as a social need“, held in the Multimedia Hall of Museum Croatia Insulanus. The panel was attended by representatives of associations and clubs engaged in humanitarian work from the area of Prelog and its surroundings. The presenters were employees and experts from Social Welfare Center Čakovec and Social Welfare Center Čakovec – branch office Prelog. 

The aim of the panel was to inform the public on rights under the Social Welfare Act for individuals and households who cannot provide funds for their basic human needs, for old and helpless persons who cannot provide for their needs and for disabled people assistance and care.

 The Croatian Act on social rights is gradually being aligned with EU law, and changes in the past years provide greater social rights in terms of material benefits and social services. The employees from the Social Welfare Center invited all individuals who are potential beneficiaries of the statutory material benefits and social services, to come individually to the Social Welfare Center so that each individual need can be addressed in order to find the best solution for realization of such rights.

Special emphasis of the panel was given to the issue of foster care as a non-institutional form of care for children and adults when their family cannot provide for them.

There is not one foster family in Prelog and this part of Medjimurje. Therefore the Social Welfare Center is inviting families to engage in this noble vocation and take children and individuals into their families; to open our hearts and doors to hundreds of boys and girls living in dorms in Croatia; let them live with families and let`s give them a chance for a better and happier future.

All foster care information, how to become a foster parent, who can become a foster, what kind of assistance foster parents care receive, can be obtained from the team for Foster care at Social Welfare Center Čakovec; Melita Novak Ban, dip.soc.worker and Petra Takač, mag.psyh. 

Diana Percač

Deputy National Representative

D191 Croatia