Conference on Bullying - Palermo, Italy

Posted by International Inner Wheel | Mar 05, 2019 |

On February 25th 2019, in the Aula Magna of Grammar High School Umberto 1 in Palermo, in presence of IW NC Italy President Annamaria Falconio and District 211 Chairman Rosalba Licata, IW Club of Palermo Igea, with the President Mariuccia Pecoraro, promoted the conference about bullying, sponsored by the Regional Education Office of Sicily. 

At first, the NC President presented her creation, “NoBullismo APP”, in front of a large audience of teachers who deal with this problem and directors of all-levels schools in Palermo and its province. 

The conference went on with the intervention of Dr. Mario Conte, judge at Court of Appeal in Palermo, who spoke both as a father and as a magistrate. He urged to intervene not only against the bullies, but also to involve those who witness in silence physical, verbal or psychological violence, and are consequently equally guilty.

Dr. Rosaria Maida, director of the police section for the protection of women and children, made clear that we must listen to the young and support them by explaining that police officers are increasingly prepared to solve these problems. Therefore, the victims have to denounce and ask for help, without shame or fear.

Professor Gioacchino Lavanco, from faculty of Psychological Sciences at the Palermo University, clearly explained that bullying is not a simple aggressive act, but an aggressive behaviour continued over time by one or more persons against a victim unable to defend him/herself.

 At the end of the speeches, a debate was opened, where a number of teachers presented their personal experiences and the projects they had realised in various schools.

In schools where they work, teachers will show “NoBullismo APP” to the other teachers, so that all students are aware of this valuable tool and can use it, in case of need.