Concert by Disabled Children - Bursa IWC

Posted by | Feb 18, 2019 |

It is the second year of the activity. As in the previous year, IWC Bursa organized a special concert with most of the IWC members & Nilüfer Special School of Disabled Children. 

There are two main objectives for this event: Firstly, is the self esteem that the children gain. Secondly, is to raise funds to renew the computer room of the school. The event was on the 15th of January at the Ugur Mumcu Stage. The theatre hall was full and it was so popular that some of the audience sat on the stairs and watched the concert. 

The concert tickets reached approximately thousand people and the people who couldn’t come to the concert because of their other commitments watched the concert via the many videos that were taken. The excitement and the happiness of the children were marvellous and we believe that we were able to construct a bridge between the children and the audience.