Italy meets Nepal

Posted by | Feb 01, 2019 |

This Fall, during a visit to Nepal, I met with Suni Joshi, the Chairman of District 350, Nepal’s only IW District, and 9 representatives of 5 clubs from the Kathmandu area, presidents and immediate past-presidents.  They welcomed me very warmly and we exchanged gifts and banners.  More importantly, though, we also exchanged information about our clubs, how we raise money and the service projects we have been able to organize.  In just a short time, I got to know some very wonderful women and I was introduced to the good work Inner Wheel does in Nepal. 

Nepal is a fascinating country with an age-old culture but deep-rooted, complex social issues impede development. The terrain is vastly different from one part of the country to the next and the population is composed of many different ethnic groups.  This gives rise to problems that vary immensely from one region to another. There is poor administration and a great deal of corruption.  Infrastructure is practically non-existent and health services only reach a fraction of the population.   

 Our Inner Wheel friends and their Rotarian husbands do a great deal.  They support education programs in rural areas and set up day clinics in the countryside to provide medical help of all kinds.  They conduct breast cancer awareness campaigns, distribute warm clothing and meals to the poorest of the poor, and education for girls and health and hygiene instruction for women. 

I met many people during my stay: European ex-patriots who have lived in Nepal for years, Western doctors who donate their vacation time to bring medical care to the villages, volunteer post-earthquake relief workers who return regularly to offer their time to rebuild, and native Nepalese in different walks of life who care deeply for their country.  They all repeated the same thing: women are the key to improving life in Nepal.  They must receive adequate instruction so that they can then transmit it to their families.  Only in this way can real change occur and bring on a new era for the people of Nepal. 






Julia Galperti Terhune - D204