VISC Project against Bullying by IWC EGE

Posted by International Inner Wheel | Jan 07, 2019 |

 Sponsored by IWC EGE, D.244, Turkey, the VISC Project is practiced in Şakir Tikveçli Primary School in İzmir for the second year. The aim of the project is to prevent violence and bullying in schools by improving empathy between children and creating a sense of responsibility and favourable social behaviours. 

Originally developed by Austrian researchers in 2008, this project is being performed by Associate Professor Aysun Doğan and her team from Social Science Department of Aegean University in İzmir.






Six weeks of instruction is carried out in school level, in class level and as individuals. The workshops are performed during class hours and various activities are done to establish working habits individually and as a group. 


Nadya Kaya –Editor D.244