IWC arranges Pink Camper for Pirdop women

Posted by Default Admin User | Jan 07, 2019 |

IWC Pirdop D248 has always taken care of women and their health being. 

According to the statistics, one from every 8th women suffers from breast cancer. In many cases it is later diagnosed. A famous Bulgarian journalist – Nana Gladuish, makes the public aware of her illness and her fight against breast cancer. Her foundation “One from 8th” has a famous Pink Camper, travelling all over Bulgaria to help women with that disease. 

Members of IWC Pirdop made a contact with that foundation and organized a women prophylaxis of breast cancer in their own town. The ultrasound examinations were performed by a specialist mammologist from a leading metropolitan hospital. The reviews were free of charge for all 168 women wishing to take advantage of the club's initiative. 

The aim of this initiative of IWC Pirdop is the prevention of breast cancer in women and its early diagnosis.

They believe that the problem should be spoken and that all women are aware of the disease and the possibilities for an early detection.


Yanislava Ilieva NR 2017/2019