Solidarity Event & A Famous Italian Singer

Posted by International Inner Wheel | Dec 04, 2018 |

Last November 27th at Diana Theatre in Naples, in the presence of Italian National Council President Annamaria Falconio and other IW authorities, the President and members of Club Napoli Luisa Bruni organized a special evening in the name of friendship and solidarity. It was a concert featuring Peppino Di Capri, an icon of Italian music, who in 2018 is celebrating 60 years of a prestigious career.  

The theatre was crowded with an attentive and involved audience and Peppino’s performance ended with a runaway success. However, the evening had also an added meaning thanks to a charitable purpose: its proceeds will be used to finance the Club’s humanitarian initiatives. In fact, for more than forty years the members have been pursuing the primary goal of high social impact, chiefly to alleviate the discomfort of young people in some local districts.






Napoli Luisa Bruni – D210