Busy Bees

Posted by International Inner Wheel | Jun 02, 2018 |

Busy Bees

The Inner Wheel Club of Tafelberg were busy as bees in April.


A lovely selection of 18 fidget blankets have just been completed for the residents of Nerina Gardens in Fishhoek. Nerina Gardens Retirement Village is set in secure, spacious grounds with stunning mountain views. ‘Nerina’ is well known for its lovely gardens which are tended by some residents who are assisted by the gardening staff. It was important for the Inner Wheel Club of Tafelberg to assist Nerina as both Dementia SA and the Helen Keller Society both hold support group meetings at the home.

Fidget blankets are lap sized pieces of fabric , wool or crochet with interesting tactile bits and bobs (e.g. buttons, ribbon, beads) attached for people who are agitated or anxious to twiddle in their hands. They are designed to trigger memories, stimulate senses, and the brain whilst keeping ‘restless hands’ busy and are great therapy tools for the elderly who have alzheimers or dementia, or even for younger people who need some help keeping busy.

Making these really is a labour of love and the attention to detail on all of the blankets was wonderful to see. The ladies from the Inner Wheel Club of Tafelberg thoroughly enjoyed making them and putting on our thinking caps to make these as interesting and tactile as possible.

Aging is a part of life that is inevitable. Understanding the needs and concerns of the elderly, we trust that in providing a little care, love and affection, the Inner Wheel Club of Tafelberg will have been able to bring some joy to the recipients of these blankets in days to come.