New IW Club Nabeul Néroli

Posted by International Inner Wheel | Jun 01, 2018 |

New IW Club Nabeul Néroli 

The Charter ceremony of new IW Club Nabeul Neroli held on May 6th

A wind of freshness was blowing on the Inner Wheel thanks to the Nabeul-Neroli club. The ceremonial was respected of course, the joy of the new members was a pleasure to see, and their pride too. The friendly clubs were there, surrounding them, having traveled despite a busy Sunday: it was the municipal elections and many members were engaged or even presented.

As for the inter clubs of the day before, the members of the D73 were there, came with Marianne their District Chairman. The Charter was handed to Boutheïna, the President. She has gave a very pretty speech where there was piercing her emotion, her commitment too. When the time came for the dances, it was all the women present who got up not sulking their pleasure, from the oldest to the youngest (but not the least expert, this little girl of about ten years old)

This presentation was truly a celebration crowned by a beautiful Inner Wheel cake.

It is the arms laden with gifts that we are left, the head full of memories and the heart of friendship.