Maxxi Museum

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Maxxi Museum, Rome

D208 Service Project 2015-16

Since Inner Wheel pursues both humanitarian and cultural objectives, Past Governor Ms. Bruna Moretto decided to focus the district service project on a social and cultural activity to bring these two objectives together in 2015-16. The location selected was the MAXXI Museum in Rome realized by famous architect Zaha Hadid.


 By offering specific labs and instructional paths the Maxxi Museum is leading the way with tools that make art accessible to everybody including physically impaired. She therefore proposed the idea to donate to the Museum a tactile model for visually impaired.

Knowledge and understanding of art can indeed help all human beings by generating emotions, hope, joy and inner peace.

The ceremony took place on Friday November 11th 2016 in the Hall of the Maxxi Museum in Rome at the presence of: Inner Wheel Governor Ms. Franca Seta, Past Governor Ms. Bruna Moretto, National Council Past Presidents Linda Castelli Avolio and Rosetta Simongini, District 2080 Past Governors: Tia Gusman, Ada Polese, Maria Grazia Di Caterino, Maria Antonietta Nardi, Mirella Santacroce and District 209 Past Governor Simonetta Tomassini.Many Inner Wheel and Rotary members also attended.

Representing the Museum: Maxxi Architettura Director Margherita Guccione, Public Engagement Office Manager Stefania Vannini, Maxxi Foundation Secretary General Dr. Pietro Barrera.

Other  Notable guests were: S. Alessio Institute of Rome Director General Att. Antonio Organitini, Impaired Council of Rome President Dr. Umberto Emberti Gialloretti, several executives of the Ministry of Arts, journalists from various important newspapers and associations amongst which the “Amate l’Architettura”.

The museum hall was very crowded!

This ceremony has been opened by the Director Arch. Margherita Guccione, who highlighted the significant social value of the project, which was a desire since the Museum inauguration day in 2010.


The tactile model was formally received by Secretary General of the MAXXI foundation Dr. Pietro Barrera, who thanked Inner Wheel Clubs and granted high visibility to this donation. Public Engagement Office Manager Ms. Stefania Vanni commented:

access to the arts contributes to social integration of visually impaired by offering the chance to share with the whole community esthetical values; it also allows those non-visually impaired to have new experiences in a new dimension of knowledge.

The realization of the tactile model will help understanding ZAHA HADID’s complex concept of space and will extend the tactile experience to the non-visually impaired as well.

The tactile model creates an opportunity to meet, exchange and share between all type of audiences”.

Visually impaired sculptress Ms. Lucilla D’Antillo commented:

for us visually impaired museums are like books of art history. Through tactile exploration we can culturally and emotionally grow, which is everybody’s right, and have a personal growth in terms of creativity as well. Tonight, I have discovered something surprising, that the shape of the Zaha Hadid museum is an actual sculpture”

Donating this tactile model to the Maxxi Foundation, I thank Inner Wheel Governor Ms. Franca Seta, National Past Presidents, Past Governors, Inner Wheel Clubs for their contributions and initiatives which provided the necessary resources, Rotary Club Pomezia Lavinium President Mr. Gianluigi Martinelli, for his very generous contribution, Museum’s Representatives Ms. Margherita Guccione and Stefania Vannini for supporting this project and Architects Mr. Gianpaolo Barberi and Mr. Mario Boni, owners of the Studio Archita in Rome who perfectly realized the District 208 project.

A special thank goes to the speakers of the “Convegno sull’arte” conference and in particular to Att. Organtini, who held an excellent and touching presentation in April at the conference “Art belongs to everybody” that I organized as prologue to this ceremony.

I also thank my personal friend Ms. Anna Rita Mancini, wife of the Italian Ambassador at the Holy Sea who is very engaged in social projects.

The Immediate Past President of the National Council Ms. Gabriella Bottigelli commented:

the important service project of solidarity and culture that you chose with the members of District 208 was fulfilled and you will have the honour of the official presentation. Unfortunately I will not be able to attend, dear friends, but I want to send you all my appreciation for such a noble initiative for visually impaired. Thank to your generosity they will be able to understand this masterpiece in from another perspective. You really achieved the goal that “art is for everybody”.

National Council Vice President Ms. Isabella Rizza sent the following message:

Institutional duties don’t allow me to join you. I will be close to you with my thoughts and with my affection that bounds me to our small but great District!

At the end of the presentation the numerous guests appreciated the tactile model that allows the visually impaired to understand the complex architecture of the museum which is itself a modern piece of art.

All guests could then visit the museum halls with other important expositions.

The donation of the tactile model to the Maxxi Museum had also a significant media coverage.




Happy to have reached this important achievement “together” and knowing to have contributed to the creation of something helpful to “everybody” and of high social value, I thank you all.

Bruna Moretto Volpato, Past Governor D208 2015-16