Masala Grinding Project

Posted by International Inner Wheel | Feb 07, 2017 |

Masala Grinding Project 

The Masala Project is one of the evergreen projects of Inner Wheel Club of Chandigarh, D308, India, started in the year 1975. Initially it was started at the Club President’s house and later shifted to the Regional Institute of Mentally Disabled Children in Sec – 33, Chandigarh. At present it is being run successfully at ASHADEEP GOVERNMENT REHABILITATION INSTITUTE FOR INTELLECTUAL DISABILITIES ( GRIID).

The club has setup a grinding machine and provide Indian Spices to the children. These spices are ground and packed by the children and all the raw materials including the packing are provided by the club.

Club members take these spices and sell them in the market. The money thus earned is used for the welfare of the children.

Besides giving children Vocational Training in this field, members of the club also spend some quality time with these children and make them happy.

 The site was also visited by Association President Prabha Raghunandan during her official visit to the District on 25th Nov 2016.