New IW Club of Cirò Marina

Posted by International Inner Wheel | Feb 05, 2018 |

New IW Club of Cirò Marina

The Charter Ceremony of the newly formed IW Club of Cirò Marina “Terra degli Enotri”,  District 211, Italy took place in Cirò Marina on 27th of January


The Charter Ceremony of the newly formed IW Club of Cirò Marina “Terra degli Enotri”,  District 211, sponsored by  the Rotary Club of the same name, took place in Cirò Marina (Calabria) in a lovely hotel facing the Ionian See. The Celebration was attended by National Council President Isabella Rizza, National Representative Gemma Pirondini, District 211 Chairman Zaira Restuccia, D. 211 Extension Chairman Concetta Guagenti , D. 211 Secretary Maria Rosa Restuccia, Past D. 211 Chairman Donatella Amendola,  Inner Wheel and Rotary.

After the signature of the Charter, the speeches by IW and Rotary Officers, the  reading of the welcome message from IIW President Kapila Gupta to the Founder President Mariella Terminelli and Club Members, a tasty dinner was served in the great hotel hall.

In an atmosphere of lively cordiality and sincere friendship, President and Members of the newly born Club declared to be very proud  and honoured to join the large family of International Inner Wheel. They stated their willingness to work together in friendship and service to attain the objects of our Organisation, leaving a lasting legacy.