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organized by three clubs from District 341 Pakistan and held on October 11th, 2017.


EID MILAN PARTY organized by three clubs of  Sahiwal , namely - IWC of Sahiwal , IWC of  Sahiwal  Central and IWC of Sahiwal Main, under the guidance of  Past NR  Shad Masood,  a member of  IWC of Sahiwal Central,  held on Wednesday, October  11, 2017.

District 341 distributes the celebration of important days and events of different clubs at the beginning of the year, so, in a way, that becomes a district function attended by all the clubs.

That was an extremely organized and well-planned event with captivating skits relating to Inner Wheel,  performed by members of these three clubs. All the clubs of the District 341 attended and many of them wore Ghararas, which was the dress code of the function.  The decoration of the hall and the stage was fabulous, the reception of guests extremely warm, the food was sumptuous, the fragrance of flowers and bouquets just magical, in short everything was enchanting. The members of all 15 clubs are still mesmerized by it and sharing lovely messages. They are all thankful to IW Organization for providing them such opportunities and they love their District 341 with all their hearts. Clubs have strong friendship bond with each other and are working passionately on various projects under District Chairman Aqila Shamsi guidance.