A Climate Conference

Posted by International Inner Wheel | Sep 25, 2017 |

A Climate Conference

 Inner Wheel Club Bari Alto Casamassima District 210 Italy for reducing the climate/economy migration  


The Climate Conference has been organized by IW Club Bari Alto Casamassima,  with Rotary Club Bari Ovest D 2120 and  Rotary Club Roma Cassia D 2080. The location was  Extraordinary Storical Building named “Palazzo Giustiniani” Lounge Zuccari Rome (in which has been signed the Constitutional Charta of Italian Republic) The main objective was to raise public awareness of the major issues related to climate change,  climatic/economic immigrants, public debt in the poor countries and its  compensation for the damage suffered by the climate (with a case study of Burundi and Guinea Bissau).


The conference, attended by important Rotarian and Inner Wheel speakers and Rotarians, also in the presence of a Rotary Representative in New York, focused on the technical resolution of major issues such as:

- Implementation of an adequate number of Standard Sustainable Productive Villages to keep climate and economic migrants in their respective places of origin;

- Reduce or hope to eradicate public debt in the poor countries of the world by offsetting it with the climate credit accrued for the serious damage suffered by developed and developing countries (Brics).