European Meeting 2017

Posted by International Inner Wheel | Sep 24, 2017 |

European Meeting 2017

11th Inner Wheel 2017 European Meeting being held at Radisson Blue Limfjord Hotel from 7th – 10th September in Aalborg, Denmark


Board Director Lene Shade (Denmark) as meeting organizer welcomed everyone (Inner Wheel and Outer Wheel) to the 11th European Meeting and thanked Annalise Larsen as meeting secretary. She expressed her feelings and hopes about good and constructive two days meeting and enjoy the social activities. 

34 delegates represented 17 countries (Austria & Czech Republic, Belgium & Luxemburg, Bulgaria, Croatia, Denmark, FAMAT, Finland, Germany, Great Britain & Ireland, Greece, Iceland, Italy, The Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland) and 17 “Outer Wheel” partners attended the Meeting.

Lene Schade had received a letter from International IW President Dr. Kapila Gupta who sent her best wishes to all and would like to promote the IIW Convention 2018 in Melbourne. 

IIW President wrote; “As we celebrate 2017-18 as a year of Golden Jubilee year of International Inner Wheel Formation, all of us have another reason also to celebrate. 2017-18 is a year of 17th IIW Convention at Melbourne -11th -14th April 2018. To meet at the Convention is your unique opportunity to connect with old friends, make new ones, and share stories about your club’s current and future projects.  See you all at Melbourne April-11th,2018” 

Lene also read a letter from Val Corva and Australian Convention Committee.  “I send our best wishes to all the wonderful Inner Wheel women attending the European Meeting in Denmark and look forward to their help in promoting this event to their members and even more importantly, to meeting and welcoming IIW friends from Europe to Melbourne” A small presentation from Melbourne was shown to the participants of the EM.

IIW Constitutional Chairman Phyllis Charter (GB&I) went through the Proposals for Constitution and the participants commented on them.

In two working days 11th European Meeting participants discussed on few important topics after they were presented;

1.    Handling (practically) clubs that cannot find board members and therefore consider solving the club. What do other countries do? Do they have a strategy? by NR Margareta Wesslau (Sweden)

2.    "The European Meeting - a Source of Information Only or a Source for Cooperation? From Tampere to Aalborg – the Future”, by IIW PBD Sissel Michelsen (Norway)

3.    The future of IW Europe and the European Think Tank, by IIW BD Gabrielle Schrümpf (Austria & Czech Republic)

4.    Why Effective Communication should be a Focus in IW development, by IIW Editor/MM Sandra Neretljakovic (Croatia).

5.    European Rally, by NR Marian Tellegen (Netherland)

6.    The European Idea and its role in the Extension of Inner Wheel in Europe and Internationally. Implementation-Limitations-Assessment and Proposals for its dissemination and better implementation, by IIW BD Sissy Avgerinou (Greece).


Development in countries was presented by National Representatives;   Elisabeth Haye - FAMAT,  Birgitte Müthel - Denmark,  Meri Suman Tolic - Croatia,    Margareta Wesslau - Sweden,   Liv Elin Broberg Lewin - Norway.

After two working days, participants enjoyed their time together in friendship in Lena and Lars Jorgen house who opened their lovely home for all participants.Warm hospitality and direct exchange of views made wonderful and enriching days in Aalborg even more successful and unforgettable.