District 418 Mexico

Posted by International Inner Wheel | Aug 07, 2017 |

District 418 Mexico

The Changeover in District 418 with the assistance of District 417 Chairman Marina Gutirrez Barrios


The Changeover Ceremony in District 418 for the year 2017/2018 was taken place at Holiday Inn in Cuernavaca, Morelos México, between District Chairman 2016-2017 Alma B. Salmerón de Gallegos and District Chairman 2017-2018 Lucila Gordillo de Hoffmann.

The Ceremony Changeover District 418 was relevant because it had the assistance of Chairman District 417 Marina Gutierrez Barrios and members.

Lucila Gordillo de Hoffman District 418 taking the oath as District Chairman by National Representative Mayiya  Rigail.


District 418 Chairman Lucila Gordillo de Horrmann addressing to the attendees. 

District 417 Chairman  Marina Gutíerrez Barrios, District 418 Webmaster Alma Lilia Quintero de Chévez, National Representative 2017/2018 Mayiya Rigail, District 418 Chairman Lucila Gordillo de Hoffmann and District 418 Vice Chairman Patricia Molina de Simón.



During the Changeover, it is used to have a ceremony lighting candles between Immediate Past Chairman and Chairman. Every candle has special meaning; the Yellow candle symbolizes Joy, Green candle symbolizes Hope, Blue candle symbolizes Harmony, Commitment, and Responsibilities among the members of Inner Wheel and respect in our Constitution & Handbook. The last one White candle symbolizes Purity and Transparency.


In the beginning of Inner Wheel year, District 418 increase the membership with six new Inner Wheel members.