New born IW Europea Club

Posted by International Inner Wheel | Jul 27, 2017 |

New born IW Europea Club 

A new club has been born in District 206 Italy, IW Gorizia Europea 

A new club has been born in District 206 Italy! Recently, a group of young ladies with the sponsorship of the local Rotary Club founded the Inner Wheel club of Gorizia Europea.

The city of Gorizia lies on the border with Slovenia. Internationality is thus a natural attitude for the members who, guided by the President Antonella Macuz, have already traced the program of the year. Their main project is to establish strong partnerships and collaborations with all the surrounding clubs especially those belonging to the Alpe-Adria network, a community including some regions of Italy, Austria, Germany, Slovenia, Croatia, and Hungary with the aim of acquiring cross-border international cooperation and designing a European laboratory of peoples and cultures.

In addition to this purpose, a special care will be devoted to the youth by organizing competitions in fine and applied arts, awarding teenager talents. Other service projects involve training courses to prepare young people in employment and projects focused on the environmental sustainability.

The members of Gorizia Europea Club met the Vice Chairman of District 206 Marina Baldassi, the Treasurer Anna Paggiaro, the Extension Chairman Anna Cotta and the past District Chairman Donatella Nicolich. The President of the Rotary club Gorizia Stefano Macuz welcomed the guests and highlighted in his speech the common aims and goals of Rotary and Inner Wheel clubs.