IW Club Sydsjaelland

Posted by International Inner Wheel | Jan 11, 2017 |

Charter Ceremony at the TAMU Center in Vordingborg

A new club in District 48 has been in the pipeline for more than a year. August 9th 2016 we had the Charter Ceremony for “IW Sydsjælland”, as it says on our emblems. The club was formed on January 19th 2016; on March 4th we were enrolled as club No. 6333 in International Inner Wheel. The new club has 20 members, who before August 1st have been members of Præstø and Vordingborg Inner Wheel clubs, respectively.

In fact this happy event is based on a gloomy story, as two clubs had to close because of too few members.  The more cheerful story is that we have come together in harmony and mutual pleasure and engagement. The two boards who have mastered the merger have been wonderfully competent.  

IW Sydsjælland was born.  Invited to the Charter Ceremony were members of the Rotary family from Vordingborg and Præstø as well as members from Storstrømmen and Stege Inner Wheel Clubs. Godmothers were Marianne Müller, Past District President and Inge Skafte Jensen, District President.

Also Vice National Representative Birgitte Müthel stated that we were now accepted as full proved members of Inner Wheel. It couldn’t be done better.

The program for the evening

18.30       Welcome by President Katrine T. Jensen

Song ”Dagen i dag”

2 course dinner with wine or beer


20.15       Presentation of the Charter Letter by District President Inge Skafte Jensen

Song ”Nu fik vi charterbrevet (no. 91)”

Time for speeches or other features (please advise Mette Jørgensen during the dinner)


20.30       Coffee and cake

Musical performance – Rasmus plays on percussion

3 minutes – Anne Røn

Today’s thought – Hanne Lundby

Club announcements

Closing song: Jeg ser de bøgelyse øer”

Everything was traditional and predictable until Niels Fog from Vordingborg Rotary Club took the stage.  He shared his speech with Inge Bachmann Andersen, so she could tell us about the place where we were. And our club member Inge, who has worked there and known the place from top to bottom, gave us the short version.  There are 6 TAMU centers in Danmark, they save young people who fail to cope with the traditional education, and TAMU teaches them the necessary social skills, so they can manage to get a work.  That is the criteria of success, and more than a quarter meet with the criterion. TAMU in Vordingborg has also a youth hostel, besides they operate a textile workshop and various other handicrafts and service sectors. The services are sold at market prices, and I need to say that the services we received in form of culinary temptations were extraordinary good.  

Niels Fog used his remaining time to express his delight at the significant improvement that occurred when Rotary introduced equality, meaning that Rotary moves with the times and the trends. For a while we held our breath – do we have equality in Inner Wheel? - NO!  But what had just been said in the previous speeches "unique and united"?  Inner Wheel reserved for women only makes Inner Wheel something special.  If we had introduced equality we would just be another Rotary Club. There should be equal opportunities for both sexes and equal respect for diversity.

The musical entertainment was a refreshing surprise. Rasmus 19 years played 6 blazing pieces on marimba, the last accompanied by Niels Fog on the drum, and we were a similar enthusiastic audience.

Anne Røn’s 3 minutes were a voice for the newborn club with wishes for good luck and admonitions to the requirements for nurturing and consolidation. Learn to crawl and then walk, promote friendships locally and then expand.

Hanne Lundby delivered today’s thought. A poem written 17 years ago by one of her students in 6th grade.  It was in verse and rhyme. The subject was war and strife, and adults who couldn’t figure how to communicate and to make a world that was worth growing up in.  

A lovely evening ended, but we went home with the feeling that the ship we had launched already had tailwind.