IIW President Oluyemisi Alatise’s visit to Inner Wheel Clubs of Italy

On her arrival in Italy at Fiumicino Airport in Rome on January 7th 2017, the International Inner Wheel President Oluyemisi Alatise was welcomed by IIW Past President Gabriella Adami and the President of Inner Wheel Club of Terni (District 209). They took her by car to Città di Castello where the President  of the National Council Alessandra Colcelli, National Representative Ebe Martines and District 209 Chairman Maria Pia Pietroni were waiting for her at the Tiferno Hotel. 
In the evening the IIW President was invited as guest of honour, by Rotary Club of Città di Castello together with all Inner Wheel members, to have dinner at “Vasari” Restaurant, where she was warmly welcomed by the President. She  addressed her speech centred on Rotary and Inner Wheel. 


The day after, January 8th,  the IIW President, accompanied by a group of IW authorities and members, was received at the Town Hall by the Mayor’s Representative, as a very important Visitor. 

In the Cathedral of Città di Castello crowded with IW members,  the Bishop celebrated the Holy Mass which was broadcast live on TV throughout Italy. After the Mass, the IIW President and a  group of members were received and blessed by the Bishop in a separate chapel.  

Subsequently,  she attended a short ceremony during which a plaque attached on the wall next to the “Thermal Cradle” (a service in favour of abandoned new-born babies) was unveiled in memory of Anna Rita Struzzi, Past District 209 Chairman, in the presence of IW, Hospital and civil Authorities. 
The Inner Wheel Day was celebrated at lunch time at “Tifernate Circle”in the presence of IW, Rotary, civil and military Authorities. 

The District 209 Chairman, the President of IW Club of Città di Castello, the President of the National Council addressed their welcome speeches to Oluyemisi Alatise who honoured them with her visit The International President was introduced by the National Representative and immediately after delivered her speech inspired by the first two letters of her presidential theme: “T” as “Teacher” and “O” as One Member bring a Member. The President of IW Club of Città di Castello conferred Honoured Active Membership on the National President, Alessandra Colcelli, member of the Club, for outstanding service to Inner Wheel. 

The second leg of her journey was Perugia.  She met IW Club of Perugia’s President  and members at Brufani Hotel for dinner. Friendly conversations about the Club’s life and services animated the Meeting. 
The subsequent day, January 9th, the IIW President was received by the Rector of the University for Foreign Students  and they exchanged also useful information about the possibility for foreign students to benefit from grants to pay for their education. 
In the afternoon she reached Terni by car, accompanied to the Hotel by IIW Past President Gabriella Adami.  Later in the evening a dinner was held at a Club Member’s home, which was much appreciated by the IIW President. 
On January 10th, a short visit to Narni’s fascinating underground excavations and after lunch, transfer to Lago di Piediluco to celebrate the Club of Terni Inner Wheel Day. The anthems were played and after the introduction of IIW President by National Representative  Oluyemisi addressed her Inner Wheel Day Speech. 
The actor Stefano Di Majo read the story that Eleonora Sottili wrote about Margarette Golding, her life, her memories, the foundation and development of Inner Wheel, while IIW Past President Gabriella Adami, acting as Margarette, attracted the audience’s attention going into monologues about her vision, her thoughts, her personal experience, the strength of friendship and personal service. 

Soon after Past Board Director Luisa Vinciguerra projected slides on a screen and spoke about the three souls of Margarette Golding. 
The event ended with an elegant dinner and live music. 
On January 11th, transfer from Terni to Spoleto where the IIW President was welcomed by the President of the IW Club of Spoleto, a very good pianist. Visit to the Cathedral and to the Albornoz Castle with Club President and Members. 
The IIW President was received by the Mayor at the Town Hall where she delivered a short  speech. 


A dinner at a well-known Restaurant concluded the visit, during which the Club’s President thanked her for gracing the Club with her visit. Oluyemisi talked about “U” like “Unison”, inspired by the third letter of her theme.  
The day after, January 12th, the IIW President was accompanied to the next destination, Naples, where the President of IW Club of Napoli Castel dell’Ovo and members were waiting for her. 
In the evening the IIW President  met members from the three Clubs of Naples to eat the traditional Neapolitan pizza, shaped, in her honour, like a Heart.  She was really delighted. 


On January 13th, a guided visit to Sansevero Chapel gave Oluyemisi the opportunity to admire the marvellous “Veiled Christ” sculpted from a single block of white marble and other works of art. 
The celebration of the District 210 IW Day took place in the San Carlo Theatre “Opera Café Scaturchio” in the presence of a large number of IW authorities and Members.  It was a very lively meeting with the IIW President as the guest of honour, surrounded by IW friends wanting to be photographed next to her, exchange banners and inform about their Clubs  services.
 A visit to the San Carlo Theatre and to a Neapolitan sculptor’s studio concluded the event. 
In the evening a meeting of the IW Club of Napoli Castel dell’Ovo was held to inform the IIW President about the Club’s activities and services and to welcome two new members who were given their IW badges by  the President Yemisi. 


The visit ended with a dinner on the 6th floor at the Hotel Restaurant overlooking the magnificent  gulf of Naples. 
On January 14th the IIW President, National President, National Representative, D210 Chairman and members of IW Club of Castel dell’Ovo travelled by car to Potenza where they were welcomed by the President of IW Club of Potenza and Past District Chairman Anna Berardi and Club members. 
Visit to the new Hospital of Potenza where a Thermal Cradle was installed by the Club. 
Meeting with Club Members and Doctors who illustrated to the IIW President the activities and peculiarities of the maternity – surgical – children’s - new-born babies’ Wards. 
A short drive to the Dolomiti Lucane and Lunch at Tenuta Padula gave the opportunity to exchange views about IW membership and services. 


On January 15th the conference about the phenomenon of women’s emigration/immigration and its story in the territory from the beginning to present days  - highlighting the solidarity initiatives implemented by the Clubs - was held at the City Theatre F. Stabile. 
After the anthems and the welcome speeches by IW  Authorities and introduction by National Representative, the IIW President delivered her speech dealing with the subject of the conference, which was discussed by local, provincial, regional,  civil, military and religious speakers. 

A group of African young people from Burundi sang and danced in honour of the IIW President. 

Thanks to videoconferencing the audience listened to the Nobel Prize Betty William’s message for peace. 

A magnificent IW cake was cut by the IIW President and Club President at the end of the lunch in the presence of IW, Rotary, civil, military and religious  authorities. 


Later in the afternoon  a concert of the Orchestra  from Napoli San Carlo Theatre concluded the visit programme. 
On January 16th, transfer to Matera where the IIW President was welcomed by IW Club of Matera’s President and members.  A very interesting guided visit to the “Sassi” (ancient dwellings) before lunch at a member’s home in the old area of the city. The IIW President delivered her speech centred on “Communication” in an atmosphere of hearty friendship and willingness  of Club Members  to share information about their activities and future programs. 
Immediately after the IIW President and National Representative reached by car the Airport of Bari to take their flight to Milan where he District 204 Chairman was waiting for them at  Michelangelo Hotel. An elegant dinner at the Restaurant “Galleria” with District Executive Committee and Clubs  Members gave the IIW President the opportunity to meet many IW friends  and talk about activities and services. 
On January 17th, the District 204 Chairman Titti Fusi opened the meeting and welcomed the IIW President and all IW and Rotary attendees. After Oluyemisi Alatise’s speech “T” as a Teacher and “O” as One member bring a member” the Margarette Golding Awardee, Alessandra de’ Carneri talked about the Foundation “Ivo de Carneri” which promotes international cooperation, training and research activities to improve health and living conditions in the island of Pemba – Zanzibar affected by infectious, parasitic and tropical diseases. 
After lunch , Doctor Andrea De Francesco, a maxillofacial surgeon spoke about the service implemented by IW Club of Milano Madonnina In favour of the Association “Smile in the world” to help children with facial disfigurements . 
Slides illustrating the main services of the Clubs of District 204 were projected to inform the IIW President about the Clubs’ humanitarian, social and cultural services. 
In the afternoon the IIW President and National Representative left Milan by train to reach Trieste where they were welcomed by District 206 Chairman, District Executive Committee Members and the President of IW Club of Trieste
On January 18th, on a sunny, cold and windy day the IIW President was received by the Mayor at Trieste City Hall.  The Mayor showed the IIW President a map of the city and spoke about the history and importance of its harbour. Then he  presented The Club of Trieste with a medal in recognition of the many humanitarian and cultural services carried out since its foundation. 
In the afternoon a meeting with members from Friuli Region and from Slovenia and Croatia took place at Greif Hotel. After the IIW President’s speech about Unison and Communication, slides were projected showing the most important Clubs’ services. Aperitif and dinner in the same Hotel.  

On January 19th, transfer from Trieste to visit the Youth Area in Aviano Cancer Institute, recipient of a District 206 service, where the IIW President was welcomed by the President of IW Club of Pordenone, the District 206 Honorary Member, Rotary Club Presidents, the Scientific Head of the Hospital and the Doctor in charge of the Teenager Cancer Units. She delivered a short speech and listened very attentively to the description of the various strategies the Centre adopted to organize adequate clinical care units.    


Later on, the IIW President met the Members of IW Club of Pordenone for lunch at a member’s home in Porcìa,  where she spoke about the importance of meeting in members’ home, and recommended to uphold the International Inner Wheel Constitution and to respect National Bye-laws for a good management of the Clubs’ affairs. 

In the afternoon transfer to Treviso where the IIW President was welcomed by the Mayor and counsellors at the City Hall in the presence of District 206 Chairman, Lina de Gioia Carabellese, District Executive Committee and Clubs’ members. 

After the warm greetings extended to IIW President, she delivered her speech dealing with Inner Wheel, its objects, its organization and its commitment all over the world. 
A crowded  Gala Dinner concluded the visit to IW Club of Treviso

On January 20th in the morning transfer by car to Padova where the IIW President was welcomed by the Presidents of the two IW Clubs of Padova C.A.R.F. and Padova Sibilla de’ Cetto. 

After lunch the President met numerous members from various Clubs of District 206, IW and Rotary authorities. 

She talked about “Unison and Communication” and immediately after slides showing the most important services were projected on a screen. An aperitif in the Circolo di Presidio’s dining room gave the IIW President the opportunity to get in touch with old IW friends.
The dinner which took place at the Europa Hotel was the occasion for the IIW President to greet all the attendees, express her pleasure for visiting many Italian Clubs and appreciate their commitment in the field of humanitarian, social and cultural services. The President of National Council Alessandra Colcelli heartily thanked her for her visit which made all Italian members feel very proud and pleased. 

Dinner at Zaramella Restaurant IIW Pr.  NC Pr, NR, D206Ch.Club and District 206 Members D206 Ch. & Nat Rep showing the Yellow Boo

The day after she was accompanied to Venice airport to take her flight back to her country The delegation formed by National Representative Ebe Martines, District 206 Chairman Lina de Gioia Carabellese, District Executive Committee members and the President of IW Club of Padova C.A.R.F. thanked her for gracing Inner Wheel Italy with her presence, wished her a safe journey and waved her a warm goodbye. 

IIW President  & Delegation at Venice Airport before embarking


In the name of the National Council, Districts and Clubs of Italy, thank you, Madam President for your visit: it was a great privilege to welcome you to our country!