Italy 2017 Calendar

Posted by International Inner Wheel | Jan 30, 2017 |

Calendar 2017 “Touch A Heart” for Italy earthquake victims 

“TOUCH A HEART” is the Theme proposed by Oluyemisi Alatise (LagosNigeria), President of International Inner Wheel 2016 - 2017. A member of the Club since 1978, she was honoured with major awards and this year she is the worldwide leader of the Association.  “I offer my humble person to serve” – she stated – drawing inspiration from the many needs and necessities of the world we live in.
The synthesis of her thought lies in her Theme, which is a hymn to brotherhood, peace, and to a life respectful of everyone and everything on Earth.
An earth that shakes too, bringing death and destruction to the people and the immense historical and cultural heritage of Central Italy – the cradle of our civilization.
In order to support the victims of the earthquake and their territory, the Inner Wheel Club of Foggia has intended to share with the whole “Rotarian Family”of the city the inspiring message of Oluyemisi Alatise by creating this calendar, which shows on every page some excerpts taken from her Theme.  Simple, but thought-provoking messages, inspiring words that will take us through this year 2017 to remind us of the role of the Human Person on Earth.  
For further information about  this Calendar, the person to be contacted is : 
Emilia Soranna  President of IW Club of Foggia – District 210 Italy Viale Colombo, 165 71121 FOGGIA (Italy) 
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