International Eye Camp Project

Posted by International Inner Wheel | Jan 30, 2017 |

The International Eye Camp Project

On November 16, 2016, the first “International Eye Camp” sisterhood project was held at The Missionaries of the Child Jesus School in Makati, Philippines. A sisterhood project participated in by the Inner Wheel Clubs of the Philippines, Inc. or IWCPI District 383, District 377, District 378, District 379 and District 385.

District 342, 341, 327 of Pakistan, District 911 Nigeria, and District 328 Bangladesh were our sisters who joined hands with us.

This initiative was the brainchild of sister District 383 Chairman Christine Charmaine Marco of the Philippines and District 342 Pakistan Chairman Sadal Sajeef. After proper protocol and communications between National Representative Bushra Kamal, Pakistan and National Representative Gregoria “Nene” Villaflor, Philippines, the “Eye Camp” project preparations went underway.

The lead club of IW Club Makati San Nicolas got the couple, “Mr. & Mrs. Eduardo Damilao”, head of the “Eye Care, We Care” Foundation, to donate the doctors and prescription eyeglasses and diagnosis for free. Forty-five (45) special children were the beneficiaries. A state of the art mobile clinic was parked at the school to do the services.

The UNTV; a local television network was present to document the event and interview the officers of the Inner Wheel Clubs of the Philippines, Inc. and was aired on television for awareness of the International Inner Wheel Organization.

This historical event was attended by the following: National Representative, Gregoria “Nene” Villaflor, National Vice-President, Amelia Jarin, District Chairman Baby Bartolome, District Chairman Christine Marco, Past District Chairman Alice Lucas, Pres. of IWC Las Pinas & Environs, Mercie Elman, Vice-Pres. of IWC of Makati North, Izzy Moore, Pres. Marie Cor Salas Ding, and Vice-Pres. Catherine Lucero of IWC Makati San Nicolas, the host and lead club of District 383 and their members.

The International Inner Wheel Clubs all over the world continue to “Touch a Heart” and “Spread Love” to the marginalized sectors of society to pursue “Better Lives” and “Happier Futures”.