UN in New York

Our UN representatives in New York are MARTINE GAYON, an IIW member from the club of Avon Park (Florida - D696) and MICHELLE BURGESS, from Almeda, California

United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues (UNPFII)

It was established in 2000 and is one of three UN bodies mandated to deal specifically with indigenous people’s issues.

The Forum meets annually for two weeks, usually in New York, in May. The outcome of the session is a report containing recommendations for attention and adoption by the UN Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC)


Commission on the Status of Women

It was established by ECOSOC to prepare reports on matters concerning the promotion of women’s rights in the political, economic,social and educational fields.

The Commission’s principal output is the Agreed Conclusions on the priority theme for the year.

In addition to the Agreed Conclusions, the Commission can adopt resolutions on women’s rights issues.

The Commission meets annually for 10 working days, usually in late February or early March


Commission for Social Development

It was established by ECOSOC and its purpose was to advise it on social policies of a general character and, in particular, on all matters in the social fields not covered by the specialized inter-governmental agencies.

Since 2006, the Commission has taken up key social development themes as part of its follow up to the outcome of the Copenhagen Summit.

It meets annually, usually in February.

social.un.org (follow link under »Secretariat for »)

Open-ended Working Group on Ageing

For the purpose of strengthening the protection of the human rights of older persons.

It was established in December 2010 by a General Assembly resolution and to date it has met once or twice a year.

Its mandate includes consideration and drafting of proposals to be included in an international legal instrument to promote and protect the rights and dignity of older persons.


Conference of States Parties to the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities

It was established when the Convention entered into force in 2005.

The States Parties meet regularly to consider any matter with regards to implementation of the Convention.

The Conference has met annually since 2008.


UN NY Reports and Papers

You are able to download UN New York Reports and Papers from our IIW UN Representatives: