Hazel's Art warms the heart

Posted by International Inner Wheel | Jan 09, 2017 |

Hazel’s art warms the heart – and the bed

Hazel's beautiful bedspread

Napier artist Hazel Golding has found a new outlet for her paintings – thanks to a group of new friends.

Fifteen of her works, painted on fabric, have been turned into a quilt by members of the Inner Wheel Club of Ahuriri, NZ293, New Zealand. Hazel received a Special Mention Award for the quilt from the Napier Arts Club at their end-of-year exhibition, 2016.

Hazels Quit/Hazel with  half-completed bedspread before it was quilted

Hazel started attending art classes when she was in her 70s and often completes a painting each week. She donates many of these to raise funds for charities.

HRG Certificate from NAC

In October, her painting Pink Rose was the first to sell in the Napier Arts Club ‘Think Pink’ exhibition. The exhibition raised more than $3000 for the Hawke’s Bay Breast Cancer Trust.  In 2014, 12 of Hazel’s paintings were included in a series of five calendars that raised $1000 for the Community Arts Centre in Napier. The Arts Centre provides accessible and affordable arts opportunities for people of all ages.

Earlier this year Hazel needed a new bedspread and a display of quilts at JJ Crafts in Taradale provided the inspiration for her to tackle a hand-painted quilt. Fifteen works formed the basis of the quilt and Joanne Gaudin, who works at JJ CRafts and is also President of Inner Wheel New Zealand, gathered members of the local Ahuriri Club to help turn the paintings into a quilt. Inner Wheel is a women’s voluntary service organisation.

Basic bedspread with, Karen, Joanne, Glennis, Shirley and Joy

Up to 10 club members ironed and stitched over two days, and Joanne spent a weekend quilting to highlight the designs.

Joanne and Shirley stitch some of the squares together

“The best part was the look on Hazel’s face when she came into the room and saw her own work become something else,” Joanne says. She says often the club members raise money for projects here and overseas and never see the end result. With Hazel it was different. “She has brought us back to that one-on-one service. It’s been really nice have come back to our grass roots and to do that personal service – and to see the end result. We have learned as much from Hazel as what we have given to her.”

Joanne showing detail on Hazel's quilt

Once the Napier Arts Club exhibition is over, Hazel’s quilt will finally come down from the wall and on to her bed at the Cape Place IDEA Services residential home, which she shares with house mates.

In 2012, Hazel’s painting It’s Raining Cats and Dogs was selected as Reserve finalist in the IHC Art Awards.

Linda with Hazel