You Are Unique and Not Alone

Posted by International Inner Wheel | Jun 03, 2016 |

You Are Unique and Not Alone

IW Club of Policoro Heraclea, D 210, Italy, "You Are Unique and Not Alone" project 2016

You Are Unique and Not Alone Poster

This year we gave special attention to education.┬ We thought that school could have been the place of our activity.┬ Therefore, last summer, during the Nova Siri Culture Week, we started off by gathering┬ a large number of teachers and school managers to discuss the important theme of the evaluation of education.

Against the fascinating setting of the┬ beach-side promenade of Nova Siri, we organized a panel discussion on the book ÔÇťOltre il mito educativo?ÔÇŁ┬ (Beyond the myth of education?) with the author Mrs Serafina Pastore , a researcher in Educational and Special Pedagogy, School of Education, Psychology and Communication Science of the University of Bari.

The importance of education inspired a great part of our work.┬ Since Christmas we had been committing ourselves to fund-raising activities to allow us to achieve our target in March.

We wanted to bring to life the motto ÔÇťUnique&UnitedÔÇŁ and experimented a middle-school student competition called ÔÇťYou are unique but not aloneÔÇŁ

We asked the children to describe and demonstrate an experience in which a unique feature of our territory ÔÇô chosen among its cultural, economic and human values -┬ had been safeguarded or enhanced by an experience of unity:┬ a perfect rendering of the motto, in our opinion.

 You are Unique and Not Alone

The event was organized in collaboration with the Matera Committee of Societ├ Dante Alighieri. The ceremony was touching and well-attended by the Policoro Town Council authorities, including the Mayor, several school managers and many Inner Wheel members.┬

The winner reading his story

An award ceremony ┬ is supposedly a thoroughly planned event.┬ However, things did not go as planned.┬ And luckily so, because if the artistic and musical performance of the students exceeded our expectations, even more so did the tears of the boy who collected the prize. With great simplicity and a positive attitude the winner, Alessio Brancato, told the story of his family at a difficult time when his mother was seriously ill and his family benefited from the support provided by┬ the local community. AlessioÔÇÖs tears, his motherÔÇÖs smile and the cheering of the audience made the ceremony an extraordinary moment of humanity. It was the most beautiful gift, more than the pride we felt for awarding the prize.┬ It is my strong belief that when we are generous we receive much more back.┬ ┬ I am grateful for the continued support and encouragement we receive from Inner Wheel.┬

 You are Unique and Not Alone winner

The winner and two teachersAlfredo being awarded