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Posted by International Inner Wheel | Jun 02, 2016 |

A very UNIQUE event that made us very UNITED

The IW Club of Cagliari, D208, Itlay, find a unique way to support poeple in Syria.

At the beginning of March, 2016, a Rotary friend of ours, General Carta, went on television to inform the population about the peace-keeping mission of a famous local Sardinian Brigade, the Brigata Sassari.

He explained that the brigade was heading for Syria and that it was bringing material help for the population through IFIL.

We were lucky to have his wife, Pia, in our Club, and she suggested that we should help fill up the cargo going to Syria with the brigade.

Then we decided to buy 50 pairs of shoes that would be of some use for the population.┬ Thanks to Pia the purchase took place immediately and she also organised the delivery in time.┬ The cargo with all the goods went off to Syria together with the brigade.

In that occasion we felt very UNITED (as we always do) doing something UNIQUE.

Service  Club Cagliari A very unique event that made us very united