Unique Projects in India

Posted by International Inner Wheel | May 27, 2016 |

Unique Projects in India

A summary of some Unique Projects happening in India 2015-16

This year in India there has been major thrust on two key issues Sanitation and Literacy. Clubs have gone all out to construct toilets in and around villages, schools small towns etc. Almost 1200 toilets have been made or assisted by members this year.

ASHA KIRAN- a Ray of Hope, for street children back to school program.

The members of India this year made the theme true by joining hands for a single UNIQUE project. “Asha Kiran- a Ray of hope”- the program to send the drop out children back to school is taken up in association with Rotary India Literacy Mission. Approximately 10,000 children are sponsored with this Unique initiative.

A UNIQUE achievement indeed by being UNITED!

Asha Kiran United Project

IW Connect Mobile App

Another Unique initiative was taken right in the beginning of the year to connect all the members of India through a Unique Mobile app, for the first time ever, containing members’ contact details and address. This initiative is a step towards a future filled with technology. It has made connectivity even smoother and the members’ directory is in every one’s hand.

IW Connect App IW Connect App

Chennai Calamity, India

The members of India and Malaysia Unitedly sent financial help and material help for Chennai Floods. Clubs of D 323 assisted in rehabilitation work. More than 850 affected families were given household articles, clothes, other basic necessities and provided help to start small businesses. Medical equipments were also provided to public hospitals serving the underprivileged.

Chennai calamity Chennai calamity

District 301 opened a Primary School in the name of INNER WHEEL- DISTRICT 301. It is the first school in the name of INNER WHEEL made with United effort of all the clubs. IPIIW President Abha Gupta and IIW Treasurer Kapila Gupta hail from this district.

District 301 Inner Wheel School

D 302

IW Club Vijaywada Midtown has inducted 160 members in this year and it is a Unique achievement for sure.

IW Club Vijaywada Midtown

D 308

IW Club Panipat South was formed with One Hundred & Two Charter members and was registered on 22nd October, 2015. Another Unique feature is that 100% members are of ‘A Category’ which means they all are spouses of active Rotarians.

IW Club Panipat South

D 314

To publicize Inner Wheel, a special Postal stamp was released with IIW Theme “Unique and United” & Association’s thrust area- “Asha Kiran- a ray of hope” program- to send the drop out children back to school under Literacy umbrella. Association President Mamta Agarwal & DC Dr.Sandhya Bhat, D 314 did the honours.

D 314 U&U Stamp

D 314

D 317

A unique initiative! IW Club Ichalkaranji collected used newspapers from club members that amounted to more than 3 tonnes which was recycled into 7000 note books.

D 319

IW Club Bangalore celebrated its Golden Jubilee with setting up a Unique all women's dialysis centre. A corpus fund has been donated for the benefit of women patients.

D 319 IW Club Bangalore Golden Jubilee

D 321

Unique initiative by a member! Music has a profound effect on the body and human psyche. Keeping this in mind, Sudha Ganesh, Club Secretary, IW Club Trivandrum Suburban and a music therapist conducted sessions for mentally and physically challenged people. More than 70 clients benefitted from this programme.

D 323

District 323 has the distinction of inaugurating two clubs, Chennai Unique & Chennai United, sponsored by IW Club Nanganallur by President Sravanakanya Sarangpani. This is probably the first time such an event has taken place. The clubs were so inspired by the theme that they have chosen their names from this years’ theme.

Chennai Unique & Chennai United

A landmark celebrated in a Unique way! IW Club Madras, District 323, marked its Golden Jubilee with a special stamp with One Day Cover issued by Government of India, with Unique feature like special cancellation in honour of IW Club Madras which is a first of its kind in the country and may be the world too! IIW President Charlotte De Vos was present for the occasion with Association President Mamta Agarwal. Past IIW President Kamala Ramakrishnan was the Convenor of the program.

IW Club Madras Golden Jubilee Stamp

IW Club Madras Golden Jubilee Stamp IW Club Madras Golden Jubilee Stamp

Mamta Agarwal
President & National Representative