Unique Donation

Posted by International Inner Wheel | Jun 02, 2016 |

A Unique Donation to Primary School

Donation of Technological Whiteboard to Primary School┬ by IW Club Ortona, D 209, Italy, April 2016

The IW Club of Ortona donated a multimedia interactive board to the primary school of Villagrande.┬ The delivery took place in the presence of the Club President, Laura DÔÇÖAuria Mascitti,┬ the school Headmaster, IW authorities and members,┬ civil and religious authorities and studentsÔÇÖ parents.

Working UNITED┬ the members of the Club decided to buy this modern teaching facility to help school boys and girls to profit from the multimedia tools offered by this unique teaching┬ device.

This initiative aimed at improving education and develop skills and represented an investment for the future of our children and for a better society, perfectly in line with the International Inner Wheel Social Project┬ ÔÇťHappier futures ÔÇô Better livesÔÇŁ.

It was a UNIQUE opportunity offered by┬ IW Members┬ UNITED to help children have a better life outcome.

From left to right Club member Nicolina Di Sario, D209 Chairman Daniela Soderi, NR Ebe Martines, Club President Laura DÔÇÖAuria Mascitti

From left to right Angela Nervegna Secretary  IWC Ortona and members, the Schood Headmaster, D209 Chairman Daniela Soderi, NR Ebe Martines, Club Ortona President Laura DÔÇÖAuria Mascitti, Club member Nicolina Di Sario, Club member.