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Club of Trani Unique & United and the “Rubi Antiqua” Project, 2016

This year, the IW Club of Trani, D210, Italy, presents a cultural service closely connected to the protection and enhancement of the territory. The Club is supporting a four years international research project managed by Daniela Ventrelli. This researcher from Bari was awarded the City of Paris “Emergence(s)” fellowship, funded by the municipality of Paris and the Apulia region, and is working for the Parisian research team ANHIMA UMR 8210.

Rubi Antiqua

The Rubi Antiqua guidelines focus on several points as the reconstruction of history and the understanding of collectionism and collectors network between Ruvo di Puglia and Paris in the 19th century, with a special highlight on tracing Ruvo’s finds scattered through French Museums.

Vases of Jatta's Museum collection

Through archival research, our Italian and French team members emphasize the scattering process of a huge artistic and local cultural heritage during the 19th century. It resulted from a prosperous collecting of antiquities that causes a progressive impoverishment of Ruvo’s territory, considered as an open-cast mine for precious finds. Through the illicit market, different archaeological testimonies of our land were brought to France and to other European capitals , forming the nucleus of prominent museum collections that can now be admired in Paris, London or Munich (just to mention a few examples). Rubi Antiqua proposes to reconstruct the leading role of Ruvo as an important source for European collecting, as well as the actions of some exceptional Ruvo families, as the Jatta, the Caputi or the Lojodice. They fought against the dispersion of local archaeological finds with the only purpose of rebuilding the true history of Ruvo and Apulian archaeology. The results of research will be available in academic publications but they will also be popularized through a significant exhibition organized in Italy and in France, as well as through a documentary telling the story of the events and protagonists involved in this essential historic period.

Bilateral summit between Italian and French institutional partners

In addition , a French database, published on the AGORHA platform (Accès Global et Organisé aux Ressources en Histoire de l’Art) of the INHA (Institut National d’Histoire de l ‘Art) will collect the data discovered in order to make them accessible to researchers interested in the topic. Finally, they will be discussed during and international conference organised in November 2017, in Paris.

Carmela Battista

Through our action, UNIQUE & UNITED, we intend to support the communication campaign of the project that has just begun and is turned towards social networks. We will contribute to the creation and maintenance of a Facebook page.

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