Open Air Classroom

Posted by International Inner Wheel | Nov 14, 2016 |

An open-air classroom realized by the project “Endow through reading”

The ladies from IW club Shumen, D248, Bulgaria, presented the first result from their project “Endow through reading”- a campaign that unites the benefits of reading books and bestowing on different causes.

The official opening of the new outdoor classroom in the secondary school “Nancho Popovich” in Shumen was held on October, 27th 2016 as a result of the successful realization of the cause “Inspire me-an open-air classroom”. The cause gained the votes of the pupils in the website and was financed by funds raised by the ladies of IW club Shumen for the project “Endow through reading”. The open-air classroom will be used during the warm weather months for Literature, History, Geography and Philosophy classes.

 Open Air classroom

The project started on May, 11th, 2016. Every registered in the web site pupil gains credits by working out tests for the books he has read. Those credits can be directed to one of the active charity causes, which are financed by different actions of IW club Shumen. There are 90 different genres books in the web-site divided equally in three groups depending on the age of the pupils. The registered pupils are not only from the town of Shumen, but from all over Bulgaria. There are five more active charity causes in the web site: A ball pool for handicapped children, A new heart control equipment for the children’s hospital, A basketball festival for school children and Training dogs for helping blind people.

The ladies from IW club Shumen believe that young people are good-natured and hope that they have found a way to provoke their desire to read and support charity initiatives.

 Open Air classroom  Open Air classroom

 Open Air classroom