Notice the children and Protect Them

Posted by International Inner Wheel | Nov 05, 2016 |

Notice the children and Protect Them

On 19th September 2016┬ IW Club of Stara Zagora, Bulgaria successfully completed their project ÔÇťNotice the children and protect themÔÇŁ. The Club had started working on this project in 2015/ 2016.

Notice the Children and Protect Them 1

Why is this project important?
The increased number of traffic accidents had resulted in a considerable number of children deaths.┬ We believe that young pupils should be wearing reflective vests when they have┬ outdoors curricular┬ and extracurricular activities in order to raise their attention to drivers.

The funds for the project were collected through donations, ladiesÔÇÖs own funds and with the strong public support during the charity event "Christmas table for United Europe" organized by the charity community "For the town of Stara ZagoraÔÇŁ.

Notice the Children and Protect Them 2

1,000 reflective vests bearing the sign of IW were bought with the collected funds.┬ The vests were donated to all 18 primary schools in the city of Stara Zagora.┬ A certificate of donation was also awarded to all beneficiaries.

The donation ceremony was held in the hall of Regional Library in the presence of principals, teachers, pupils, Deputy Major of Stara Zagora, donors, friends and representatives of local media.

Notice the Children and Protect Them 3

We hope this project will strengthen the existing partnership with the schools on dealing with the issues of traffic safety and that in the future we will initiate other projects for solving specific problems related to protecting the lives and health of the children - the future of our city.

Notice the Children and Protect Them 4