Heart Against Pain

Posted by International Inner Wheel | Apr 17, 2016 |

Heart against pain

The club Hamburg Seevetal, D89, Germany supports their local community with handmade heart pillows to help breast cancer patients after their surgery.

These heart pillows with the elongated ÔÇťearsÔÇŁ, carried under the arm, reduce the pressure and pain on the surgical wound. They are given away to a hospital in Hamburg, which specializes womenÔÇÖs cancer. In addition to the therapeutic aspect of the Heart Pillow are, as a symbol of compassion, support, warmth and hope.

The grateful response of patients and nurses encourages us to continue this social project.

Each patient wears our idea of charitable status in the society.

A small side effect is that our very young club while producing these pillows together is quickly growing our strength and friendship bonds.

Heart Against Pain Pillow

Karin Frotscher

IWC Hamburg Seevetal