Sissel H Michelsen <br> Constitution Chairman

Constitution Chairman

Sissel H Michelsen (Norway)

What does the International Inner Wheel’s Constitution Chairman need to possess?

Firstly – Knowledge and Experience: As an active member since 1987, I have been present at nearly all District Meetings, attended all IIW Conventions from Florence 2003 to Melbourne 2018, active in debates and presentation there, and helped translating into Norwegian the Convention proposals several times as a Constitution Committee Member. It helps having a university degree in English. I’ve been engaged at 11 European Meetings, also as an organiser and speaker - to renew and strengthen IW.

Secondly – Engagement and Enthusiasm: I’m a team player – and a CC must be just that. If elected. I’ll perform my duty with transparency and respect – valuing Members’ involvement, give advice and feedback to Members working on submitting proposals for Convention – as well as to Members struggling to understand our existing Constitution. Thus if I don’t understand a possible proposal right away, I’ll return it to sender to clarify the language and/or content – then in turn it will be easier to understand also when translating it into other languages. The whole process is time consuming, but necessary for true involvement on all levels.

Thirdly – Courage: Constitution work is necessary and indicates change – not for the sake of change only, but for the upkeep and renewal of International Inner Wheel where bridging cultures are among our objectives. Building bridges may be hazardous - but needed.