Bina Vyas<br> Vice President

Vice President

Bina Vyas (India)

In Inner Wheel, our ideals, objectives and service activities are wonderful. Those already involved in Inner Wheel in the world know its importance and are dedicatedly working for the betterment of the organisation.

My Mission Is:

To further make the clubs and Districts vibrant and dynamic by encouraging clubs to improve the involvement of members at every level.

To encourage clubs and Districts to do extraordinary work in building the brand image of Inner Wheel in public by promoting large significant projects and creating awareness about brand Inner Wheel through print and electronic media.

To make the organisation financially stronger by encouraging contributions to Inner Wheel Corpus and rewarding and recognising such members.

To promote a Corporate project which can be replicated globally

To encourage clubs and Districts to increase young techno friendly members and Districts to promote New Gen Inner Wheel clubs.

To identify distinguished Inner Wheel leaders who would reach out to countries where Inner Wheel does not exist and promote Inner Wheel Clubs and Districts in such countries.

My Future Vision is:

To see Inner Wheel as the only women’s organisation to empower women globally through significant projects related to education, health and financial independence.

To bring recognition to Inner Wheel as a global force for the betterment and empowerment of women and children.

To help spread and cultivate the inborn values of women like sharing, caring, giving and loving to achieve a peaceful world.