IIW Editor/Media Manager


Inner Wheel today is IN THE PINK. Membership has risen. Service through friendship is vibrant. Excitement is building up as Inner Wheel approaches 100 years of service and friendship. I couldn’t be happier today to belong in Inner Wheel and be in a position to help make it even better and greater.

International Inner Wheel, clubs worldwide and their members have already adopted internet technology for communication, training, meetings and publicity. My task is to further improve the website and social media facilities, and develop new soft tools that will help members deliver Inner Wheel’s mission. This will be coupled with renewed e-training tools and methods.

As a non-profit organisation, every dollar counts and the public values an organisation that shows how hard its members work to serve the community. There is greater impact when Clubs gather together to showcase their service projects and while doing so, it is essential for all to adhere to branding guidelines. I will continue to encourage clubs to write as frequently as possible to International Inner Wheel and share their stories. Extensive use of social media by clubs worldwide will be invited to link back to the IIW website and vice versa. The IIW e-magazine will continue to feature the best in each issue. Monthly newsletters will keep members in constant touch and may include special articles and advertisements of forthcoming events.

Much of my work will be “behind the scenes”. The reward is when the promotion of good work by members engages with donors, and when it inspires young strong women to be part of Inner Wheel, to make a stronger world. At the end of the day, the cheerful faces of members giving from their heart show the magic of true friendship.