Zhivka Stoyanova

Zhivka Stoyanova - Bulgaria

I joined IW 20 years ago when my IWC Stara Zagora was formed and since then my membership in IIW is my privilege.

To me, IW is responsibility, love, friendship, goodness and inspiration. IW gives us the opportunity to work in a TEAM, to achieve our goals and to grow both personally and spiritually. The nomination for BD by my country is an honour and my next challenge in the vast world of IIW.

I have had the opportunity to experience IW during various levels. I was voting delegate in 2015, as a NR 2015-2017 attended the 9th EM 2015 and 10th EM 2016 and took part in the Forum WfE6 and WfE8. These events highlighted the comprehensive nature of IIW on a global level- the language of friendship and selfless service does not need translation. Everything I saw and heard I shared as District Chairman of 248.

IIW is an organization that is constantly and successfully developing in the rhythm of modern society. The colourful palette of different in age and skillset women of action successfully builds the bright future of IIW. The change bequeathed to us by the incredible and determined Margarette Golding will continue to lead us on the right path. Thanks to new technologies, all of us, united to continue to work regardless of the new reality.

Tolerance, respect, expansion, skill share and training at all levels are leading in following the three main goals of our organization and a guarantee for its success.