Zena Coles

Zena Coles - GB&I

I am a keen gardener and one of the most enjoyable aspects of gardening is watching plants bloom and grow. I would like to think we can accomplish this in Inner Wheel with an abundance of friendship, belief in what we already have and plenty of nurturing and support to produce members and clubs which will continue to bloom and grow for many years.

I spent three productive years as Chairman of the Association Constitution Committee and J can assure you that Constitution is never boring - it is challenging! In my six years working on the GB&I Association Executive I was able to see first hand how much our members achieve both at home and abroad and to encourage and publicise their efforts.

I value the many friendships made over 35 years in Inner Wheel and feel that this quality and support for one another should be at the centre of our organisation. As Association President I gave Inner Wheel roses as presents and was delighted to hear that, after a bad hail storm, in amongst the flattened perennials, there was one plant that survived and still looked beautiful - the Inner Wheel rose - which stands as a lasting tribute to our organisationI

Inner Wheel worldwide can make a difference to people's lives in many ways and, if elected, I will continue with my efforts to ensure that this work thrives in our ever changing world - just like my garden