Seetha Lakshmi Snk Narayanan

Seetha Lakshmi – Malaysia

I have been a member of Inner Wheel since 1999. My husband Dr Lakshmanan is a dentist and a Past District Governor. While I always enjoyed being by his side I always felt that I was not involved. One day I came across a group of ladies doing exactly what Rotarians were doing. Upon further enquiries I learnt about Inner Wheel. I became Charter President of Inner Wheel Club of Klang in 1999.

I have served my club and my District in various positions. My passion lies in Training Club and District Officers. I enjoy conducting training sessions for the incoming office bearers. I believe in proper preparation for a successful year.

I come from a multi-racial country, various languages spoken. All our Inner wheel meetings are conducted in English. There are some ladies who are not very comfortable to converse in English. This could be due to shyness or not having sufficient exposure to the language. I would like to encourage more members in the age 50 and above category to be more adventurous and take on active roles in the clubs.

My early education has been in Finance. I currently work part-time in my husband’s 3 dental practices as a clinical administrator.

My vision for the future of Inner Wheel is for it to be a platform to bring out individuals and sometimes hidden passions in every woman.