Laila El Aswad

Laila El Aswad - Egypt

The future of the Inner wheel is in our hands- together we can inspire it.

We can love it and give it new life for tomorrow and future.

We must have achieved so much for the benefit and future of IIW and helping to make the world a safer and better place for all to live. We, as IIW members have to positive - positive about our future- positive about our projects.

., Positive about our membership the Word negative is not in my vocabulary.

We have to prove we are and always will be the world's best and largest women's voluntary service organization. We have to be positive and prove to the world that IIW is a name that everyone will come to know.

We are all with the same responsibilities and ambitions. By adding our individuals skills and working together as a team. We can see IIW grow around the world. We have to focus on social and financial problems of poor and even rich countries. Our aim is to be solve the health and environmental problems of poor countries and social and behavior problems in rich countries.

Let us all be inspirational and Innovative - so that " together we can" change the world enabling every one to live in healthy and peaceful life.

We need to lead the positive change by empowering our members by guiding them as leaders in their own rights.

We need to have a vision to remain one step a head of the coming changes.