Karin van Helden

Karin van Helden - Netherlands

Let’s show IIW to the world: we are too good to be ignored!!

I am a founding member of IW club Arnhem Geldria in 2003. Being a President of my club was an eye-opener: discovering the possibilities of Inner Wheel, visiting the Rallies Charlemagne I saw how much was going on outside my national borders. Really amazing getting to know women all over the world and feeling the connection of being a member of the same worldwide organisation with the same ideals and goals to be achieved. I also had the honour to be the chairman of the Dutch PR commission for five years, during which time a website, flyers, national newsletters and several digital presentations were created.

My motto is make Inner Wheel more visible! Inner Wheel must not remain a well-kept secret anymore. We must realize we changed into an independent international organization of great importance.

We have to use all possible means to tell the world who we are and what we do. Let’s be proud of Inner Wheel and tell the world.

The social media give us the opportunity to do so.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, e-meetings and video conferences make it easier to work together in a more efficient way. We can have international digital platforms to communicate with districts, clubs and members worldwide. We can combine our strength by exchanging ideas and projects and get inspired by each other.

Let’s move to connect!

In last 20 years I had seen, friends in Inner Wheel rendering immense services to humanity and brought smiles on many faces.