Gemma Pirondini Venuti

Gemma Pirondini Venuti - Italy

Since I joined the IW Club of Como, D.204, in 1991, Inner Wheel has been a very important part of my life. I have always been attracted by the international side of our Organization. During the ominous period of COVID-19 pandemic, had the opportunity to experience how efficient and effective internet-based telecommunications can be to keep contacts throughout the world at every level of our Association. I have felt that geographically distant IW friends are actually much closer than ever. This experience has made me realize that we must take full advantage of these new and diverse ways of communicating to deepen our mutual knowledge, share ideas and projects to help women and children, to ensure a solid and bright future. I’m eager to put my diverse experience at Club, District and National Council and my understanding of our Organization at national and international levels at the service of IIW. If I am elected for a second year to the office of Board Director, I’ll continue to commit myself to strengthen international links and implement the rewarding task of supporting the Non-Districted Clubs.