Feerooza Byram Avari

Feerooza Byram Avari - Pakistan

My contribution in the nineties was to expand both the quality and quantity of our Clubs and members and promote friendship and fellowship. Today with 5 Districts, 67 Clubs and over 950 members in Pakistan my goals, though still similar, are slightly different. I want and will work to put Pakistan on the international I.W. platform and help our members stand up and be counted in international circles.

International Members should visit Pakistan and see for themselves the work being done here. Such visits will help create positivity, give confidence and a boost to do more. Smaller countries need to be appreciated for their contribution and these visits will also bring understanding of each other's cultures and customs. A wealth of knowledge can be gained and will bring members closer together.

For years now, Pakistan has prioritized working on improving girl's education, focusing on the environment and investing in healthcare. Tree plantations, banning use of plastics, opening free healthcare clinics, starting small girls' schools are among some of the projects we plan to expand on in the future. I would encourage peer to peer learning and exchange where International Clubs, in collaboration with Pakistani clubs, could learn from the experiences of each other and start collaborative projects both in Pakistan and other countries. People to people contact is what is most needed today to bring lasting peace, unity and harmony in the world and the Inner Wheel platform can go a long way in fulfilling that need.