Catherine Ineichen

Catherine Ineichen - Switzerland

As our world works through this world-wide pandemic and COVID-19, let us be ever mindful of the many individuals that have sadly lost their lives and to be thankful for those who were able to recover. IW members must continue the good work being done as the world maneuvers this new norm. I would appreciate the privilege to once again serve IIW as a Board Director in 2021-22. Almost 20 years ago I joined the Inner Wheel Club Zug in my home. This is how I came to know and appreciate the Inner Wheel friendship. Even when I was going through a difficult time personally, these friends were there for me.

The development of IW is very important to me. But what does 'development' mean?

My motto as DC was: GENERATION - The integration of new members. Connecting the different age groups. We can also learn a lot from each other, the older members know how our wheel turns perfectly, the new ones bring the momentum and fresh élan. In return, it requires respect, tolerance and generosity from everyone. Every member is unique! Together we give a big colorful bouquet with many faces, ideas, experiences - that is why IW is unique and we have to take care of it. It is very important to talk and listen to each other.

The challenge of the uniqueness of each member, club and district is that the IW's core values, traditions and modernization through technology are not forgotten.

As a BD I would like to spread my passion and joy to IW and give my drive for the momentum in the wheel.