Carol Haskett

Carol Haskett - New Zealand

I have been actively involved in Inner Wheel since joining the organization in 2003. Having served at District and National levels in New Zealand for several years. I have been part of the team that developed our National strategy. I feel it is imperative that we all set goals and can develop a plan so that we can achieve and succeed in the years ahead. With a background in management and business ownership I have strong HR and leadership skills and enjoy working with others to achieve results.

There is a need to increase awareness of Inner Wheel through all Medias and by increasing awareness we can promote and build membership by engaging with women who have a desire to connect with their communities. The need to connect has been highlighted by the isolation and loneliness experienced through the pandemic lockdown and the focus is now on mental well being to get us all through the turmoil caused by Covid 19.

Inner Wheel is an organization that women can connect to with our focus on empowering women and girls. We create true friendships through working together on projects that improve the lives of others and we have fun along the way.

In Inner Wheel we work as a team to make a positive difference in our communities. I would enjoy being a part of the International team working with everyone to grow membership and awareness ensuring we can celebrate all that we achieve worldwide beyond our Centenary celebration in 2024.