Family Protection

Posted by International Inner Wheel | Jan 28, 2017 |

Family Protection

The project «Family Protection» - also included in the activities of the «Italian Association Cancer Rare Onlus» - consists of a psychological and social support network for vulnerable families, when in the family of a «sick severe cancer» there are children or other fragile subjects. The project aims to enable host specialized services for families of cancer patients, where there are other risks of destabilization, during the oncological illness or death of the patient. The family vulnerability is determined by the presence of children or adolescents; other family members suffering from serious psychiatric or organic diseases; disabilities; dependencies to drugs or alcohol; small nuclei and isolated; recent traumatic situations.

Among the resources provided by the project are included:

  • psychologists, social workers and educators for child support;
  • assistants tutelary for the assistance and the care of the sick and other vulnerable family members;
  • lawyers for legal assistance to the family of the patient.


The project has taken charge, over the years, thousands of families, building protective contexts with a focus at the end of life, also using hospices as places of protection and caregiving.

The donation has been delivered to Doctors Orietta Dal Canton (Oncologist) and Monica Seminara (Psychologist), representing the Onlus «Italian Association Cancer Rare».

This service falls in part within the IIW  Social Project «Happier Futures, Better lives».