Ballets at the Court Sabauda

Posted by International Inner Wheel | Jan 28, 2017 |

Ballets at the Court Sabauda

Ballets at the Court Sabauda.  In the events that characterized the first decades of the reign of Carlo Emanuele I, is remarkable the flowering of ballets -  thanks to Cristina of France (1619) - able to combine the experiences choreutic transalpine with the spectacular tradition sabauda. A testimony is given by the charming codes, painted by Tommaso Borgonio, which return with intact vividness those arrangements, reflecting the creativity (and devotion to Cristina) of their creator Filippo d'Agliè.

Ten are the volumes stored at the National University Library of Turin. This material, known throughout the world, testifies some court feasts in the baroque period to the Savoy court in the years from 1640 to 1681. These shows - collection of theater, music and dance - are approaching more than any other theatrical form to famous French ballet de cour. The codes of the Savoy ballets, that have survived, as well as allowing us to reconstruct the luxury and the organization of these shows, are very important for the political and social allusions contained in them.

The cultural service of our club regards the restoration of a table, which is part of the important work of Giovanni Tommaso Borgonio «Dono del Re del Alpi a Madama Reale», shown at the exhibition «A passi di danza» at the National University Library.

The donation has been delivered to Doctor Franca Porticelli, Library Director Coordinator at the National University Library of Turin, on 10th November 2016.