100th Year Surprise Party

Posted by International Inner Wheel | Jun 09, 2016 |

100th Year Surprise Party

A hundreth year surprise birthday party was organised for Orthodontic Ayse Mayda (2009 Margarette Golding Award Owner) on May 10th 2016 at the terrace she had dedicated to her high school that she graduated in 1943 in Izmir,Turkey.

Ayse Mayda at her throne as May Queen 2016 American Girls College in Izmir, Turkey

All gratuates from the same high school who could join were invited. There was a slight Show of her life which depicted pictures of her contributions to the community with pictures of all her pets through hundred years (dogs, turtles, donkeys, goats, even a monkey)

Because she is loved and respected, there was 400 people present. Although she was very excited, she gave a short thank you speech and even danced when she cut her birthday cake.

She is still very active in charity work and in fact the mayor of a close town came to the party and thanked her for her contributions to built an audorotorium for the town.

When she was asked the secret of living a long and healthy life she answered that she had always been optimistic, tried not to hurt people and was always cheerful.

One of the traditions of this school is choosing a May Queen among the senior class at the end of each year. To mark this tradition she was dressed with a cape and a crown as the May Queen.

A close friend of hers is also a Margarette Golding Award owner, Mrs. Suzan Kızılgok and she was present at the party. She is also very active in social work, in fact she is trying to achieve her dream of building a village for orphans. (Although she does not look like it , she has passed 90 years, too)

Well, may be it is not wrong to say that loving everything God has created and helping the ones in need, slows down aging.

Upper row left to right: Suzan Kızılgok, Iclal Kardicali (Club President IIW)   Lower row left ro right: Another graduate from the high school, Ayse Mayda, Ayfer Carkoglu

Left to Right: Suzan Kızılgok, Gulgun Dolunay (Elected National Representetive IIW), Ayse Mayda, Ayfer Carkoglu

Ayfer Carkoglu

Past Board Director 2009-2011